Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis

Medical Review of Misdiagnosis

If you were injured as a result of a doctor’s misdiagnosis, you may be able to pursue a misdiagnosis claim in court. In order to have a successful outcome, it is necessary to prove that your injuries were the direct result of the doctor’s negligence.

While misdiagnosis happens for many reasons, the most common include:

  • Failure to interpret test results correctly
  • Failure to listen carefully to the patient’s complaints
  • Failure to properly evaluate the patient’s symptoms
  • Failure to order appropriate tests or imaging studies

Failure to make the correct diagnosis can lead to a failure to treat and lead to a host of medical problems you never anticipated.

A medical negligence lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Donald A. Shapiro, Ltd., is a medical negligence law firm that handles misdiagnosis claims throughout the state of Illinois, along with personal injury, birth injury and auto accident cases.

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