What to do if you’ve been in a Serious Accident

If you have been involved in a serious accident in Chicago, consider taking the following action:

    Seek Medical Attention. It is imperative to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Adrenaline often masks the pain of injuries you sustain, and some injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, may take several weeks before their symptoms are readily apparent. Medical care immediately following a serious accident enables you to receive care for injuries you may not know you have. It also provides strong documentation to establish that your injuries are a direct result of a specific accident.

    Contact an Attorney. After you’ve received medical care, contact an attorney. If you are not sure that you have a case, an attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your accident and determine if another party is responsible for the injuries you sustained. An attorney can also protect you from accepting a low settlement from an insurance company by carefully evaluating the full value of your claim and fighting for maximum injury compensation.

    Document your Experience.
    If possible, begin documenting your experience as soon as possible after an accident. Take pictures of the accident scene, take pictures of your injuries and keep a journal about the impact your injury has had on your life.

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